The Fighting List

Once again we will be defining the confounds of a list and summarizing the progress that was made leading up to the start of this blog. This time around we will be discussing our fighting list. This list is particularly interesting to me as we will be ranking a genre that is typically judged on its competitive multiplayer merit, and judging it upon it’s single player content. As with most fighting game fans I always chose my fighting games based on what I could play competitively so going back now and looking at the single player modes has given me a new found appreciation for some games that I may have previously overlooked. For this list we will once again be following the rules outlined in our first Gaming Conquest post.

The Genre

Any game that meets one of the following criteria will be ranked upon this list:

  1. Traditionally considered a “2D Fighter”
  2. Traditionally considered a “3D Fighter”
  3. Traditionally considered an “arena fighter”
  4. Game is a “smash-like”
  5. Game borrows many mechanics or has clear inspiration from traditional fighting games, excluding “beat ’em ups” and “spectacle fighters.”
  6. Game features characters or stages from a traditional “fighting” game.
  7. Game is a spin-off of a fighting game franchise.

The List Thus Far

  1. Absolver: An always online arena style fighter that borrows souls-like elements. Console: Xbox One. Time to beat: 5 hours 35 minutes 2 seconds.
  2. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: A rather lackluster installment to the famed crossover series with a story full of generic enemies. But the frantic nature of the franchise still exists and can be quite enjoyable. Console: Xbox One. Time to beat: 4 hours 22 minutes 22 seconds.
  3. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition: The competitive 2D fighter goes portable and enters a new dimension. Matches still play out in a 2D field but are viewed from a 3/4 view perspective. Console: 3DS Time to beat: 19 minutes 51 seconds.
  4. Power Rangers Battle For The Grid: A surprisingly deep 2D tag fighter pulling characters from multiple “Power Rangers” series. Console: Xbox One. Time to beat: 3 hours 3 minutes 15 seconds.
  5. Tekken 7: Mechanically superb 3D fighter with massive roster including multiple guest characters. Console: Xbox One. Time to beat: 2 hours 38 minutes 51 seconds.
  6. Mortal Kombat X: Notoriously graphic 2D fighter with an enjoyable story mode and deep fighting system. Console: Xbox One. Time to beat: 4 hours 41 minutes 51 seconds.

Total Play Time: 20 hours 41 minutes 16 seconds.

How can you play these games?

Most games are available on Xbox Game Pass. Others available for purchase at my store Intergalactic Games and Collectibles.

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