Enter the Gungeon

We are back! So let us get started right away. “Enter the Gungeon” is a top down rogue like bullet hell shooter. (Wow that was a lot of words to describe a genre) The player enters an ever changing randomized “Gungeon” with the goal of collecting the gun that can kill the past. The GungeonContinue reading “Enter the Gungeon”

Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions

The “Lost Planet” franchise has developed a cult following over the years. Many fans are harping for the franchise to return on the current generation of consoles. But how does the first entry in the series hold up today? The premise of the game is interesting enough although not particularly original. Essentially you find yourselfContinue reading “Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions”

New Gundam Breaker

Yes I am still here. Think this is the longest time between posts yet. Just haven’t finished a game in quite some time now. Well, I am here now to talk about a remarkably unremarkable game, “New Gundam Breaker.” I will start off by saying I really have no connection with “Gundam” as a franchise.Continue reading “New Gundam Breaker”