Alright so this is an interesting one because it is my first mobile game I am discussing on this blog. When I first started this blog I had no intention of ranking any mobile games. Since, in many ways, the mobile gaming market is very different than that of the traditional video game market. That being said they are still video games at their core and developers put time and money into making them. So it is only fair that I at least give them a chance for this blog. I will give a forewarning and say I rarely enjoy mobile games as much as traditional games, and these lists are all about my personal enjoyment so I apologize in advance if your favorite mobile games get shot to the bottom of the list.

Without further ado let us jump into “Dislyte”. Dislyte is turn based rpg that loosely blends mythology, with cyberpunk, and music. The player collects espers through a gacha like system, with each esper loosely based on mythological creatures. It is a free to play gacha game and as such is rife with micro transactions that can speed up your progress. That being said I did not spend any money on my playthrough and kept the game “free to play.”

The story of “Dislyte” follows a fledgling esper, Brynn, whom is separated from her long time friend and fellow band member Sieg when he is kidnapped. In order to find and rescue Sieg, Brynn joins a peace keeping group known as the “Esper Union.” The story seems slightly above average for a mobile game, at least in my experience, but is nonetheless unremarkable when viewed from a broader gaming perspective. There is a mix of humor and drama that plays out in the brief story scenes between battles but few, if any, of the scenes stir up any real emotions from the player. The art in these story scenes is decent but overall unremarkable.

So how is the gameplay… WAIT A MINUTE! WAS THAT A PICTURE!!! Yes, that is right, I finally decided to put screenshots in my blog. I will try to continue with this trend for most blogs going forward. I will at least do so for the more modern games which have tools designed for easy screen capture.

Back to the gameplay… The gameplay for “Dislyte” actually feels pretty good for a mobile game. Battles play out in 5 vs. 5 turn based combat, which is not unusual for gacha pmobile games. What is special about Dislyte though is that each espers’ abilities actually feel unique and for the most part actually have strategic uses. This is very unusual for these types of gacha games, which typically have a bunch of copy paste move sets that rely entirely on your damage stat. Espers have diverse sets of abilities that range from buffs, to debuffs, and of course damage dealers. Some will also have unique traits such as buff stealing and bonus turns when an enemy is defeated. It isn’t limited to just the rarest espers being useful either, many common espers have abilities that can truly turn the tide of battle when used strategically. Still end of the day collecting rare heroes and leveling them up can give an advantage but, it is far less pronounced than in similar titles. I did actually find myself keeping one common esper in my team despite having rarer espers, something that I have never really felt the need of doing in a gacha game before so props to “Dislyte” for making all rarities viable.

It is necessary to discuss the stamina system when discussing free to play mobile games. In the case of “Dislyte” I will say it is pretty generous. I was able to play through the story of the game without ever having to wait for stamina to recharge. This was largely due to the large number of stamina recharge items that were earned as I progressed. I imagine post story content would start to burn through stamina at a much quicker rate but as with all games on here we only played until the story was completed.

Before we start to wrap things up I do want to discuss the Multi-battle system. Multi-battle, allows you to have the CPU grind for levels or items for you. The computer will continuously replay the selected mission until certain criteria is met or you run out of stamina. Thus allowing the player to go do something else as the game grinds for you. A very nice feature for people whom are busy and don’t want to sit on there phone constantly playing the same level on repeat. This is a pretty common feature in mobile gacha games. “Dislyte” however, adds a nice improvement on this common feature. “Dislyte” actually allows the player to perform Multi-battle in the background while the player performs other tasks in the games. The player can upgrade espers, view achievements and even battle in other game modes while the CPU is grinding for them. Thus making Multi-battle a useful tool even while you do have the time to play games on your phone.

So what do I think of “Dislyte” as a whole? As a mobile experience I think “Dislyte” is above average and is worth your time, if you are a mobile gamer. That being said I still find that I would much rather be playing a console or PC game. As such “Dislyte” will be placed at the bottom of our RPG list, placing it below “Absolver” at the current eleventh spot.

Platform: Android; Time to beat: 17 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds

Where to Play “Dislyte?”

You can download “Dislyte” for free from the Google Play Store.

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