What is the Gaming Conquest?!

On this blog we will discuss my adventures playing through my massive collection of video games spanning all console generations. As I play through my collection I will rank each game on a master list of games within the same “genre.” I write genre in quotes as these lists will not follow the typical bounds of the genre they encompass. I will further describe the bounds of the genre when I create my first post for a given list. To begin with I will be playing through two genres of games: horror and fighting. I chose these two genres because these are the primary genres I collect.

What are the rules for playing these games?

  1. The games will be played through to any% completion. While I do not intend to rush to the end of a game and ignore all the extras (unless it is really boring), I will not be trying to gather every collectible or finish every side quest.
  2. The games will be ranked on a playthrough of their primary single player mode. I understand this puts games with a focus on multiplayer at an unfair disadvantage, especially within the fighting genre, but tough cookies; that is how I am making the list, whether you like it or not.
  3. Games will be played on an officially released copy of the game. This means no emulation unless it is an emulation put out by the publisher. For example, the Nintendo Switch NES emulator is fair game but I will not be playing any illegal roms.
  4. Games will be played “blind.” I will never look up any guides or walkthroughs as I play the game. In some cases I may have played, or seen the game played in the past but I will not purposefully seek out gameplay to help me progress in the game.
  5. Rankings are based on my personal enjoyment of a game. These will not be objective critiques by any means. A game that may have tons of problems may end up ranked highly on the list because there is something about it I enjoy. If you want “objective” ratings of a game, go read a critics review elsewhere.

Why do this?

Between collecting games and owning a retro games store (Intergalactic Games and Collectibles) I constantly have a large amount of games available to me, many of which I never played. I would like to make use of those games and these lists seemed like a great way to do so. I was particularly inspired by the many retro game challengers on Twitch, especially Sharpie. If you haven’t watched Sharpie before, make sure you look him up on Twitch after you read my blog! The ranking aspect is my way of taking the challenger concept and making it my own.

How frequently will I post?

Honestly postings will be rather sporadic and at times there are bound to be large gaps in-between posts. I am a man with a lot of interests and a lot going on in my life. Between: running a business, working a full-time job, training to compete (amaturely) in bouldering, and spending time with my wife; I really don’t find myself with a lot of time to game. That being said whenever I do find myself finishing up a game I will certainly post a blog about my experience.

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